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Before Prohibition became law, South Carolina controlled all spirit sales through the Dispensary System. If you wanted Gin, it likely came in a Jo-Jo Flask. Jo-Jo Gin is produced in the New American style. A blend of ten botanicals, juniper takes a back seat to others like cardamom, coriander, chamomile, star anise, and orange peel, creating a chorus of citrus, floral and spice.

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  1. Myrtle Beach Guy

    I just bought my first bottle yesterday. I classify myself as a “gin snob”. I was a bit skeptical when I was informed of the awards and accolades their gin received by the manager. After having my first sip I can confidently say that this is the best gin I’ve ever had in my 30-year gin-drinking life. It’s clean, refreshing, not an overpowering gin with an abundance of juniper. It’s a very well balanced flavor profile with a lean towards orange and citrus. It’s so clean that it’s enjoyable simply on the rocks.

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